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About Us:

EzDD is a dial-a-driver service provider. We provide experienced drivers to drive customers and their cars safely to their destinations. 

Flexibility & Convenience

This service provides the flexibility for our customers. With this service, customers will only need to choose where to go, instead of planning the whole trip several hours ahead or leave their cars outside overnight. 

Pay Less

We are easily the cheapest way to get home. With only 1.5/Km and 1.5/min. We will cooperate with lots of restaurants to provide better services and lower prices to our customers.


We strictly pick top drivers with 10 years of driving experiences minimum. Just to provide the best trip after our customers get intoxicated.

Make our roads safer. 

We believe the better way to make our roads safer is not just by forcing and law. Instead, if we can provide better service to make people to pay less and have more fun. People will naturally choose the less risky one. Hence, if we provide better service, we can make our roads safer. 

Last Edited: 9/11/2020