Launched in 2019, the team at EzDD began this dial a driver service because the Christchurch area lacked an alternative service option to taxis that would cut down drink driving. And EzDD has become the major choice for dial-a-driver service.


We make sure that whenever our customers fancy a drink, they never need to worry about leaving vehicles behind and can fully enjoy themselves. The inconvenience of having to find a way back to their cars in the morning prompted us to provide an affordable, reliable service that cuts out the temptation to drink-drive and lets your night end in the best way possible. 

At EzDD, we aim to stably provide responsive and high quality dial-a-driver service with affordable price; so that we can fulfil the post-drinking transportation needs.


Our Value:

  • EzDD promotes fewer worries and more fun on your night out ​

  • We make customer's lives easier by offering transport for both you and your car 

  • Pay less to get more; we offer services at a reasonable price to help our customers save money in comparison to other options such as Uber and having to return for your car the next day

  • We aim to solve a community problem by providing better solutions to drink driving: we believe that providing better solutions is a more effective way to solve the problem instead of enforcing laws.